Orosco Ridge Views (6 photos)

Orosco Ridge connects Pamo Valley and Boden Canyon. It used to be a target shooting range, but Cleveland National Forest thankfully closed it for good. I guess the area doesn’t get too many visits from hikers. When I saw the red granite atop the most prominent hill from the nearby South Clevenger Canyon Trail (and hike) I became curious, and combined the visit with photographing Santa Ysabel Creek to pass the time until the creek was in the shade.

The back country views from Orosco Ridge are quite nice. Where the trail from Boden Canyon swings left I made a right instead onto an old, half-overgrown trail to get higher up and closer to the red granite. After a while, the chaparral became quite high and completely impassable without serious bush-whacking, which neither me nor Toni really felt like going for. We had a snack and enjoyed the views of the surrounding landscape.

Update: when I made these photos, the hike used to start at the Highway 78 trailhead, down to Santa Ysabel Creek, and then into Boden Canyon. That trailhead has been closed now and the gate has been moved, so that there’s no space for parking anymore. Official access is now from Pamo Valley, which is an unpleasant uphill hike on a dirt road through open chaparral without shade (sorry, that’s how I feel about it – I guess mountain bikers might enjoy the workout).

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  1. That is a new area to me Alex, thanks for sharing, I will have to go check out the area….love the red boulders.

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