Painted Gorge Rocks

The high point of the Coyote Mountains is Carrizo Mountain, and the first part of the approach leads through Painted Gorge – a canyon with partially steep walls, and rocks of beautiful colors and fascinating textures. You may have ascertained from the ambiguous title of this article already that I really liked it. :-)

Painted Gorge is open to off-road vehicles but luckily, a gate blocks access from January 1st through July 1st for the Bighorn Sheep lambing season. This leaves the place disturbed with tire tracks more than I’d like to see it, but otherwise secluded and quiet. This allows for thorough and slow exploration, and enjoyment of and with one’s senses – and in my case, obviously also the camera.

The more time I spend in the Coyote Mountains Wilderness, the more I like it (but maybe that’s true for all places, if we are willing to slow down and just give them our attention). I intend to go again once or twice while temperatures allow it.

The first photo below (“Warm Toned Rock Abstract”) is also part of my new and revived “Rock” portfolio. I also have a number of fine art prints of rock abstracts available in my print-on-demand store. Thanks for looking.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Gorge Rocks”

  1. Such beauty! And the titles – very clever. Your toning is masterful – there is so much detail, but nothing screams at you. The warm and cool colors play off one another nicely. Just beautiful! (I think you’re right about appreciating places more and more as we walk repeatedly through them, really paying attention. Love develops.)

    • I wish the titles would come as easily as they did here, more often… ;-) I’m really happy to hear that the tones work for you, and in the way I hope they’d come across. Thank you!!


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