2 thoughts on “Quartz Vein in Sandstone”

  1. Greetings Alexander! Do you remember who I am? (hint) I purchased a large print of a certain tree that you were fond of photographing through out the year. I,ve begun following you again, and I really enjoy your cell phone pictures! These amazing photos just justify what I have always felt to be true about you. It’s not the camera, but the person using it that makes for great pictures! I have sold my house and purchased a Teardrop Trailer, which I will live in as I traverse the USA. I too have an iPhone and have taken some pictures that surprise me because I don’t consider myself to be a photographer. I plan on sharing my journey, via Linked In, and am going to blog and add photo’s. If you are still using that site, feel free to take a look. Meantime, keep up your inspirational photography, and be happy :-)……Kathy


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