Pamo Valley

Afternoon walk at Pamo Valley. I parked the car at the turnoff to the Lusardi Truck Trail and walked up into the canyon a little bit. Since Pamo Valley and the views of it soon disappeared, I didn’t continue too far though. Nevertheless, the low afternoon sun combined with haze provided a really nice atmosphere as I looked back towards Pamo Valley from the trail.

Pamo Valley a little bit out of sight in San Diego County’s “back yard”, it lies north of Ramona and west of “big” Black Mountain. The valley itself is owned by the City of San Diego for the most part, and is used for cattle ranching as far as I know. Plants to build a damn and turn the valley into a reservoir had to be abandoned when it was found that some rare animal species call the valley their home.

It is also the home to quite some wild turkey. Both the upper Santa Ysabel Truck Trail and the Lusardi Truck Trail veer up east from the valley and soon enter Cleveland National Forest Land. Pamo Valley is also one of the “missing links” of the Coast To Crest Trail. I guess the trail will run on the Lower Santa Ysabel Truck Trail from Boden Canyon to Pamo Valley, but how it will connect all the way east to Santa Ysabel Preserve West I don’t know.

The Santa Ysabel Truck Trail is the route to hike “big” Black Mountain as well (out and back, it is a 14 mile hike), while the Lusardi Truck Trail winds up towards the northern parts of Mesa Grande through Carney Canyon – that’s (from) where I made the photos below.

One thing that keeps amusing and puzzling me is the naming of places and roads – near our home is “Black Mountain Open Space Preserve”, but that’s “little” Black Mountain. The aforementioned “big” Black Mountain is just east of Pamo Valley. And what’s more, at the foot of “little” Black Mountain is the Lusardi Loop Trail, while the Lusardi Truck Trail runs north of Big Black Mountain. :-)

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