Penasquitos in Infrared (5 photos)

A few infrared impressions from an afternoon walk at Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve. My friend Frank joined me this time (and Toni came along too of course). After I got him curious about infrared photography, with the converted Sony A7r that Shannon allowed me to use for a couple of weeks, he was curious how the infrared process would fare compared to normal photos – and now I’ve finally gotten around to processing the images…

Frank was also the one who so generously let me borrow his Canon lenses, to use with the infrared camera (since Shannon only had a Canon adapter, and I’m a Nikon guy). For further comparison, he brought his 16-35/2.8 wide angle zoom along. This lens is a much better performer than the 17-40/4 in terms of sharpness (especially in the corners), but it has an incredibly strong infrared hot-spot in the center. From f/8 on it’s so pronounced that it is really hard to fix it in post, especially when keeping the photos in color – which is one of the reasons why the images below are in black & white. ;-)

The other is that, even though the conditions should have been pretty much in favor of infrared (bright sunlight, harsh contrasts) I found it pretty hard to “cut through the clutter” of vegetation this time – it had worked really well with the infrared photos that I made at the Del Mar Mesa Preserve, but for whatever reason, this particular clarity eluded me that afternoon at Los Penasquitos Canyon.

Maybe it’s just a matter of concentration – we chatted a lot as we walked on the trails, set up our cameras in the same spots, exchanged the settings we used… and thus, my mental focus wasn’t fully on making photos. Not that I mind the company, it was a fun walk, but I think my creativity and photographic vision generally functions better when I’m alone.

Anyway, here are five photos, out of a total of 40 that I made. A rather good keeper rate, nevertheless, I’d say.

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