Permanent Promotion

Regular readers remember my monthly print promotion, which always included a 36×24″ canvas for an extremely low price. For a while, I offered them separately, then I made the photo of the month that I pick at the end of each month the print promo, but eventually, by the end of 2014, I stopped offering these entirely.

Foggy morning at Black Mountain Ranch, San Diego, California, United States.
Staring into the white voidphoto of the month from December 2013.
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It always bugged me a little bit that only a really big canvas was eligible for these promotions (36×24″ is the only promo canvas size that Fine Art America offers which also fits the aspect ratio that most of my photos have, 3:2). I do want to offer promotional prints at lower prices but I found that too limiting. I realize not everyone has the space to hang a 36×24″ canvas, and not everyone likes canvas prints either. :) So here’s what I came up with:

All images that are featured as “Photo of the Month” (link opens the archive page) are priced with a super-special, low and permanent promotion mark-up. You can browse these images right away in my store in the special Photo of the Month gallery (link opens the store page in a new tab/window) and take advantage of the new prices.

I’ve yet to decide if I place some limitations on the availability of this special pricing in the future. I could imagine bumping up the prices for a year’s photos at the end of the year, adding to the insane sales rush of the pre-Christmas shopping season. ;) Let’s see how it will work out. For now, ALL photos that are part of the Photo of the Month collection have the special promo pricing. Check it out!

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