Pinyon Pine, Laguna Mountains

Pinyon Pine near Stevenson Peak, Laguna Mountains, San Diego County, California
Pinyon Pine near Stevenson Peak, Laguna Mountains, San Diego County, California. August 2016.

Photo of the month, August 2016. It was a rather quiet month with regards to photography.

I have been eyeing this spot for a sunset photo for a while now – while there’s an abundance of Jeffrey Pines growing in San Diego’s Laguna Mountains, Pinyon Pines are relatively rare. I found this one (and some of its siblings, a bit further down and not visible in the photo) growing in one particular spot on the slopes of Stevenson Peak towards The Potrero. A find that made me quite happy, and the trees appear to be doing quite well here. There is a named “Pinyon Point” a bit further west, but the trees there are not situated as photogenic as this one.

Smoke from wildfires further north was lingering over parts of the desert, and thunderstorms began to rise in the distance. This is actually a pretty tight spot – it looks rather spacious because I was using my friend Tracy’s 14mm wide angle lens (that’s pretty darn wide on a full frame sensor).

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