Plant Stains on Concrete Sidewalk

During a walk with Toni I noticed these interesting stains on the sidewalk. It was a day or two after some rains had passed through the area so I assume the stains are from some dried seeds or other plant parts that got slowly soaked by the rain and eventually dissolved. Just out of curiosity and because they attracted my eye, I made a couple of cellphone photos. After massaging the images :) to bring out more color and structure (and posting them to Instagram) I liked them so much that I returned with the “real” camera to get proper high resolution photos.

I tried to stay close to the cellphone photos by using a 35mm prime lens (which about equals the focal length equivalent of the cellphone), and pointing the camera straight down. Unlike the careless “snapshooter” attempts with the cellphone, using a tripod was absolutely necessary since the sidewalk needed to be in the shade for even exposures without dappled sunlight falling through the trees. Pointing the camera straight down with a moderately wide angle lens on a tripod, it became a fun exercise in avoiding having either the tripod legs or my own feet (or both!) in the frame. I hope you like the results as much as I do.

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  1. “kunst im √∂ffentlichen raum”. wonderful colours, reminds me on artist working with rust.

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