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Collomia grandiflora

Common name: Grand Collomia, Large-flowered Collomia, Mountain Collomia

A few photos Collomia grandiflora (aka Grand collomia, Large flowered Collomia, Mountain Collomia) flowering in the Laguna Mountains of San Diego County.

I’ve noticed these beautiful, cremé- or pastel-colored flowers first on a hike late in May 2017, with Shuwen and our friend Tracy – but the sole specimen we saw growing in the shade of a Jeffrey Pine wasn’t all that attractive. And the “star” from that day was the Downingia concolor brevior so I wasn’t too disappointed. :-)

I had to return a couple days later though, to take another look at the Downingia of course. :-) I proceeded for a walk in the forest with Toni to see what else I’d find. And sure enough, there were some really pretty specimens of the Collomia growing right along the trail. It was a pretty warm and sunny day in early June and we stayed in the shade of the tall trees (old puppy doesn’t like heat anymore, at all).

I also saw some Chinese houses, Cryptantha, Wallflower, Prairie Flax, and others of course… but one thing at a time. :-)

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