Eriogonum gracile var. gracile

Common name: Slender Woolly Buckwheat

Well, whaddaya know… I’ve been taking walks with Toni at Lake Hodges for 8 years now, and for the very first time I noticed Eriogonum gracile var. gracile, the Slender Woolly Buckwheat. Granted, I only spotted it in one single place along the trail, while the rest of Lake Hodges is chock-full with Eriogonum fasciculatum var. foliolosum, the California or Eastern Mojave Buckwheat.

Thankfully, my timing was just right and I saw it at what’s probably the most beautiful and peak of its bloom. Look at those intensively cerise anthers! Unlike California Buckwheat, Eriogonum gracile is much more… gracile by comparison, with small flower clusters lined up in a row, on a single, slender stalk that is part of the inflorescence.

That stalk has fine, thin hairs, which explains the woolly in its common name — the botanical term is “tomentose”. By comparison, Eriogonum gracile var. incultum doesn’t have those fine hairs.

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