Primula clevelandii

Common name: Padre's or Cleveland's Shooting Star

The name Primula clevelandii is still relatively new – Padre’s or Cleveland’s Shooting Star was formerly known under the scientific name Dodecatheon clevelandii. Primula rolls off the tongue much nicer anyway, doesn’t it? :) The “clevelandii” refers to Daniel Cleveland, a plant collector and lawyer from San Diego (a number of plants have been named in his honor).

It was interesting for me to learn that this is a perennial wildflower – the visible part of the plant dries up in summer, but it regrows from a basal clump after winter rains. Here in San Diego County, we see it in bloom in the coastal foothills in open grassland around mid March usually. I photographed it around Lake Hodges and in Mission Trails Regional Park, and also at the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve (Riverside County).


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2 thoughts on “Primula clevelandii”

  1. Those are so beautiful! I have heard of Shooting Star flowers but have never seen in person. You are quite lucky! Living vicariously through your photos as always. :-)


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