Brodiaea terrestris ssp. kernenis

Common name: Kern Dwarf Brodiaea, Montane BTK

Close-up of Montane Brodiaea terrestris ssp. kernensis (Kern Dwarf Brodiaea, Montane BTK), Laguna Mountains, California. 2019-07-07.

The first Brodiaea that I became aware of was the rare Orcutt’s Brodiaea (Brodiaea orcuttii, another vernal pool inhabitant that, as far as I know, only grows in San Diego County). And as it usually goes, once the awareness of their existence is established, they just make their way into one’s world of conscious perception when we may have walked by before…

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Dipterostemon capitatus

Common name: Blue Dicks, Wild Hyacinth, Purplehead

Wild Hyacinth (Dipterostemon capitatus, formerly Dichelostemma capitatum), Coast to Crest Trail, Escondido, California. April 2018.

Over the years, I’ve made a few photos of Blue Dicks here and there. They got their funny common name from their – now former! – scientific name Dichelostemma capitatum – one can imagine a person trying to remember it: “Here are those blue Dic… Dic… whatever, dicks!”. They’re also known as Wild Hyacinth (the first name I learned actually), Purplehead and Brodiaea (a misnomer).

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