2019 Flower & Plant Portfolio

In the nine years that I’ve been living in Southern California now, and the four years since my interest in the native flowers and plants of San Diego County was heightened through my Chaparral Naturalist certification, I have never seen a better wildflower bloom than in 2019. The days of spring were filled with blooms, coming in waves, and I’ve been out with the camera as often as possible. Flowers that I had never seen before came out for the first time. On my website, this resulted in a series that I called “Signs of Life”, consisting of ten galleries with a dozen flower & plant photos each (and additional “plant portraits”).

The choice of ten photos in the gallery below is the result of a thorough selection process: in the first round, I chose a combination of both the most exciting finds and also images of rather common flowers which I hopefully photographed in an interesting way. From the prints, I narrowed the choice down in another selection round, based on how well the photos printed – both with regards to color reproduction, as well as giving a good impression of what the flower actually looks like, when printed on 8.5” x 11” paper.

Each image has a story for me: the bliss of unexpected finds, the thrill of exciting “hunts”, and the hard work to get it right. I hope that a little bit of all that is visible in the photos in this folio, and that you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed finding and photographing these flowers & plants.

All ten prints of this portfolio are available as a set in a folio folder directly from me, from the Folio Sets shop page.

On small-screen devices like phones or tablets, you can just scroll down. On larger screens, you may also click on any image to open it in the slideshow gallery view. For the best effect, I suggest switching your browser to fullscreen mode then. This is usually done by pressing the F11 key (and again, or ESC, to switch back).

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  1. Some beautiful and unique ones! It was a great year for flowers for the most part here as well.


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