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2020 Flower & Plant Portfolio

My 2020 Flower & Plant portfolio once more consists of ten photographs, made during this year (obviously). The selection of images begins in the coastal foothills and valleys, then quickly moves into the desert where we had a wonderful spring, proceeds up into the higher elevations of the Laguna Mountains and Palomar Mountain, and back into the coastal foothills and valleys for the last photo, from August 2020.

The photos have been chosen by their relevance (to me, representing what I’ve been seeking and experiencing this year), how well they would print with regards to color and detail, and how well that print would represent and reproduce the experience of that flower or plant itself, at that size.

Print Set (Folio)

The ten photos are again available as a set of ten prints. If you’re interested in purchasing it, please visit my “Folios” shop page. The folio set is described in detail below the gallery.

Folio Details

The ten photos are each printed on US letter sized Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta Satin paper.

The printed area is either 6×9″ or 8×10″, depending on the aspect ratio of the photo (there’s only one in there that’s 8×10″ though). Should you want to mat and frame them, standard mats are available for both of these sizes.

The individual prints are separated and protected with archival interleaving, and the folio folder also contains notes and index, printed on vellum paper (semi-translucent).

I produce these folio sets myself, at home – this is a labor of love, so please allow me about two weeks to produce and then ship them.

Ready to get one? Please visit my “Folios” shop page.

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