Ritchie Canyon Pastels

Ritchie Canyon chaparral hillsides

Ritchie Canyon Pastels — seen from Mildred Falls, Cleveland National Forest, San Diego County, California. March 2013.

Soft light after sunset brings out the beautiful pastel and green hues of the chaparral and sagebrush slopes of Ritchie Canyon and the San Diego River Gorge.

On some maps this canyon is called “Rechie Canyon”, but the stream feeding Mildred Falls is more commonly found as “Ritchie Creek”, so I assumed that “Rechie” is a mistake. This is not uncommon because labels on old maps were hand-written. (the settlement of “Ranchita” was meant to be named “Ranchito” for example, but the city clerk who registered the name misread it. Another example would be “Orosco Ridge” which is sometimes wrongly labeled as “Drasco Ridge.”)

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