Cottonwood, February 2014

Cottonwood and morning mist at Lake Henshaw, Warner Springs, California, United States.

Solitary Cottonwood tree at dawn, with a thin haze rising from Lake Henshaw. Near Warner Springs, California. February 2014.

From the blog post: Since a February image was still missing, entirely, I decided to try a sunrise photo (I’d like to add that I’m really not a morning person and prefer sunsets… somehow). I got up at 4am and reached the tree just at the beginning of civil twilight. As I was driving I did of course notice a flawless, cloudless sky and the stars above… no clouds, once more. Luckily though, as I arrived, Lake Henshaw provided a bit of morning mist that I tried to utilize as I worked the scene.

I forgot my gloves and it was pretty cold (well, for Southern California standards at least), so operating the camera and tripod became a bit unpleasant after a while, but I was happy to be out there. It’s a real dilemma – I should be out there in the early morning more often. The light is wonderful.

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