Huckinger Seen

The Huckinger Seen (German for “Hucking lakes”) are a set of three little ponds in the woods near Tarsdorf in Austria. They used to be one of my favorite places for walks with Toni, spending hours in quiet and solitude, no sound but the wind and water, and occasional quacks by some mallards, or a jumping fish. An ideal place for photographic contemplation and meditiation.

This is one of my oldest galleries on the website that survived various revisions, re-evaluations, re-organizations. I probably keep it online very much for sentimental reasons – but isn’t that what photography is about? To allow others to see and connect with places that resonated with the photographer? That’s the soul of these images.

A more inclusive look at the area can be found in the various blog posts from my multiple outings to the area – the images below are a rather tight selection of best-of/personal-favorite type photos. An archive of all images is also available, of course.

Also have a look at my three latest blog posts:

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