Malpais (Badlands)

Badlands may be “bad” from our normal, human point of view: hardly any plant life, deeply eroded, difficult to navigate. From a photographic point of view though, they are among the most beautiful and fascinating landscapes one can image. Or perhaps they go beyond our imagination. My fascination with them began early in 2013 during a hike to the Domelands, from where one has an excellent view over the mud hills of the southern part of Carrizo Badlands.

This gallery is focused on the abstract/extractions that concentrate on the colors, shapes and forms of these alien landscapes. For a more complete selection of images from my various outings to different badlands areas, you may also want to browse the “Badlands” archive of my blog posts.

“Malpais” is a Spanish compound word consisting of “mal” for “wrong, bad, evil” and “pais”, which stands for “country”, or maybe also from “paisaje”, “landscape”. A viewpoint of Borrego Badlands in the north/eastern area near the Borrego-Salton-Seaway (Highway S22) is actually called “Vista Del Malpais” – it was only logical to use it as the namesake for this gallery.

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