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Slot Canyons of the Anza Borrego Desert

My fascination with Anza Borrego’s slot canyons began with a hike in December 2011, when a friend led us to an impressive canyon in the Coyote Mountains Wilderness. We hiked down what began as a dry ravine and then turned into a short but impressive slot canyon. The feeling of being “inside the Earth” got me hooked immediately.

Ever since, I’ve been “chasing” the slot canyons in the area, including the well-known ones at Calcite Mine and “The Slot” at the upper end of Borrego Mountain Wash, but also lesser known slots in the Carrizo Badlands and at Palm Wash. And I’m always looking for more, of course. This gallery contains some black & white impressions of them, captured during my various desert hikes.

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