Tabletop Tide Pools

This portfolio galleries contains a “best of” selection of photos from my countless visits to the tide pools at the southern end of Cardiff State Beach. It is the go-to beach for a quick escape to coast and a walk with our dog Toni.

Starting with a photo from January 2011, this gallery covers changes of seasons, tides, the level of sand around the rocks, and of course my own development as a photographer. I hope you like the selection. Some more information is available below the gallery.

There are numerous names for this beach and the tide pools. Depending on which map you’re looking at, it may also be called Seaside Beach or Seaside Reef (as part of Cardiff State Beach). It lies at the northern end of the coastal community of Solana Beach, along historic Highway 101. The tide pools are also called “Tabletops” or “Table Top Reef” though I don’t think that’s technically correct – a reef is supposedly underwater, but I guess the name the surfers use stuck with the tide pool area as well. So I’m calling it the “Tabletops Tide Pools”.

If you’re interested in a more complete picture, you can browse my many, many blog posts tagged “Tabletop Reef” that contain a more relaxed selection of photos whenever I’ve been there with the camera (and produced something worthy of showing, which isn’t always the case, of course), or the entire archive of all photos from this location.

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