Dead Trees

Dead oak in snow, Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve, Julian, California; January 2017

This portfolio began, as it often goes, when I noticed a small grouping of 3 or 4 images that all showed dead trees, all in vertical format and in black & white already. I didn’t approach every dead tree that I saw from thereon thinking of this grouping, but it remained in the back of my head.

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Huckinger Seen

Branches and white-blooming shrub overhanging the quiet waters of Huckinger See, Innviertel, Austria; May 2010.

The Huckinger Seen (German for “Hucking lakes”) are a set of three little ponds in the woods near Tarsdorf in Austria. They used to be one of my favorite places for walks with Toni, spending hours in quiet and solitude, no sound but the wind and water, and occasional quacks by some mallards, or a jumping fish. An ideal place for photographic contemplation and meditiation.

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