Cottonwood in Spring Storm

My photo of the month is once more a frame of the solitary Cottonwood Tree at Lake Henshaw. I made this photo on February 28th on our way into the desert – these higher regions of the back country are were most of the clouds get stuck, and I was amazed to see so much fresh green grass already here (when I passed by three weeks prior, it was all still pretty bare).

Cottonwood tree and fence fragments in Spring Storm, Lake Henshaw near Warner Springs
Cottonwood in Spring Storm — Lake Henshaw, near Warner Springs, CA. February 2015.
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Now it may seem like a rather conservative and “safe” choice to pick this image as the photo of the month at first. It does however mark a change for me, because I more confidently included the old fence posts with the barbed wire in the frame (it’s only the second time that they appear in the series). In the past, I always tried to exclude them because I tried to omit man-made things in my photos. After all, photography is the art of leaving things away. :-)

Sometimes, looking at how people treat nature, animals, the environment, I can’t help but think of us humans more as aliens and invaders here, or a virus even that the planet Earth has been infected with. But these fence posts are always there, they’re part of the scenery – just like we humans are a part of nature. We’re a part of this whole system, of nature, of the planet. We need to fully understand that, and stop acting as if we don’t belong here and are above all things. How we treat nature affects us. It’s important to remember that.

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