How Long is Forever

Unsurprisingly, my photo of the month for September 2014 is from Algodones Dunes, again. Which has a lot to do with the fact that I didn’t make any other landscape photos in September. And that had to do with the weather, and my general motivation for making photos.

Algodones Dunes near Glamis, California, United States
How Long is Forever — Algodones Dunes near Glamis, CA.
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We had a couple of pretty hot days during which back country hikes were out of the question. But then again, the back country is all dry and dusty, and I’ve had enough of that for this summer, anyway. Then we had a couple of cooler days with a dense marine layer, but I didn’t feel compelled to go to the coast for photography either. Instead, I enjoyed just walking Toni at the beach, barefoot and without the weight (and burden) of the camera.

But, this is not a problem or artistic crisis. Every now and then, we all feel fatigue, that’s perfectly normal (I guess). And right now, I just don’t feel very inspired to visit the same places for photography again and again. But we’re heading up to Mammoth Lakes in a couple of days, and I’m looking forward to this much needed change of scenery and weather. And I know motivation and inspiration will come back as the (desert) hiking season begins here. I’m looking forward to visiting the Badlands again, and the nearby slot canyons need further exploration too, of course.

Because of all that, there won’t be a separate monthly update post for September (obviously). I wrote some articles over on my personal blog, about photo critique and looking at and talking about photos (and other stuff). Have a look at the September archive if you’re curious.

The only thing that is new here (except for the dune photos, of course) is that my photo of the month is the monthly print promo as well. Which means fresh and new art at an incredibly low, think introductory, price. You can head over to Fine Art America and buy a 36×24″ stretched canvas of the above photo for only $125. One day I’ll be famous (just wait until I die!) so here’s your chance to be part of it. :) The promotion will run for the next 5 days, or as soon as three prints are sold. There will be no second chance to buy at this price.

And that’s it. Wish me luck and good light in the Sierra – see you around…

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  1. Just love these works Alexander…Beautiful flow and so much excellent contrastive transitions….draws you in.

    I store my work by date so it’s easy to see how much I’ve been out making photographs over long periods of time. This year has really slowed down compared to previous years (especially the initial learning phase). Like you say though, it’s not a crisis….and sometimes it’s ok not to bring the camera, and just enjoy the moment

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