Leaf Litter

October’s “Photo of the month” is a bit different – an autumnal set of leaves from our native trees. Black Oaks and Canyon Oaks live at higher elevations only, Sycamores and Coast Live Oaks are familiar inhabitants of our riparian canyons (the Sycamores especially with their huge leaves need a lot of moisture so they’re not found outside of the canyons at lower elevations).

I’ve been struggling a bit with this month’s selection for a photo of the month. I didn’t make too many photos – after our week in the Eastern Sierra the backlog of photos had grown considerably, and I simply didn’t feel like adding even more photos to it. The photos that I did make were of a more personal nature and all had a slight tendency towards little “projects” – no single image really stood out, and that was not the intention anyway.

In the end, I chose these four images because they’re the strongest when combined. I found the thought of showing actual evidence of “fall” in Southern California intriguing, because so many people say “we have no seasons”, or something like that. Granted, Coast Live Oaks and Canyon Oaks are actually evergreen trees – but they’re still drought-deciduous and drop leaves to conserve water. And this happens at the end of our long and dry summers, of course. So yes, we do have autumn – it’s just a little bit different… like our seasons, as a whole. :-)

Anyway, here are the photos. Together, they’re more than the sum of their parts (or so the saying goes) and I hope you agree. They’re available as a collage in my store (meaning you get four photos for the price of one) – please take a look: Leaf Litter Collage.

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