Meadow Meditation

Picking a photo of the month for May 2016 was pretty difficult. I made a lot of photos, and I haven’t processed all of them. The exploration of infrared photography added quite a lot of photos to the pile. The photo that I ultimately picked may look like an infrared photo, but it’s actually a “normal” black & white photo, converted from an even more normal color photo.

The infrared photos are all too fresh for my taste, and I don’t know yet whether I will like them in the long run – or even just a month from now. It’s an unfamiliar process and aside from the creative processing, it’s actually rather limited (which is interesting, because it helps to see more with regards to the elements in a photo; I think it sharpens the eye and challenges compositions). So right now, looking at the infrared photos doesn’t leave me with a confident pick for a photo of the month from that batch.

This black & white photo of the Laguna Meadows on the other hand is in more familiar terrain, so to say. I picked it for it’s simple, quiet and contemplative nature. It’s not a “loud” photo by any means. But looking at this photo is satisfying to me, and makes me happy. There’s a little bit of tension in it, with that slight rise in the grasses just below the pine-covered knoll (“is it level?!”) – I like that.

And also, after three consecutive months of color images in the photo of the month selection, it was about time for a black & white photo. :)

Meadow Meditation -- Laguna Meadows, Mount Laguna, California
Meadow Meditation — Laguna Meadows, Mount Laguna, California. May 2016.
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