Sycamore Stand (again)

If this photo looks familiar you’re right – you’ve seen it before, or rather, you’ve seen my first take on it before. It’s the Sycamore Stand near the Ranch House Crossing of Penasquitos Creek, at the eastern side of Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve.

My first take was a cellphone panorama. After having hiked past this Sycamore stand so many times, trying to adequately photograph it, the cellphone and it’s instant panorama capturing possibility opened my eyes and once I had the result, I knew that’s how I want to show this particular spot.

So I went back with the “real” camera, a 35mm prime lens, and captured the necessary frames to stitch the scene into a high resolution panorama. I tried to make sure that the framing is pretty close to the cellphone “draft”, carefully choosing the camera position (it’s kind of funny how I did that more or less by accident – or should I say intuitively? – with the phone). In the end the framing is slightly different for the sake of balance, and the appearance is a little bit lighter as well.

And since this is about the only useful photo that I made in all of August, it’s an obvious choice to make it the photo of the month. ;-)

This resulting photo is about 90 megapixels now, with ~14000 pixels on the long side. It’s available slightly larger than usual here, and you can click on the photo to open it in the slideshow view (I recommend that you also press F11 to switch your browser to fullscreen mode).

As usual, this image is available at a lower, special “photo of the month” price in my store. This is a permanent promotional price that applies to all photos from my “photo of the month” selection.

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