Wilde Gutach

I’m a bit in photographic hibernation I guess. Ever since we returned from Germany I haven’t really touched the camera, and didn’t add images to the website either (which is why my monthly update with the summary of gallery activity and such is missing for the second month in a row now).

Somehow, I wasn’t really keen on working on/showing the photos from our trip – I honestly don’t know why, perhaps it’s a little bit of fatigue that just had to settle in at some point, and so I consider it a healthy break from the endless chase after the next photo opportunity because (you pick) the tide is low/high; it’s a foggy morning; there’s beautiful clouds in the sky; the sunset is going to be nice… and so on, and so on. Feels like a bit of a rut.

And summer weather in Southern California may contribute to it as well (do I talk about the weather too often in my blog posts? A very typical German habit I fear). The days often begin with the typical marine layer that burns off throughout the morning, only to reveal boring and flawless blue skies at the moment… (but, as it’s getting warmer we get some nice thunderstorms to the east, over the mountains and desert).

Nevertheless, it was time to pick my “photo of the month” (you can browse them all by clicking on the tag below), and I feel a good connection to the image of this creek, which happens to be the “Wilde Gutach” near Hexenloch (“Witches Hole”), not far from Simonswald, where we stayed in a nice rental vacation apartment. The creek caught my attention because it’s so beautifully located at the bottom of a little valley, accessible only on an incredibly narrow winding little road.

So one evening, on the way home from a hike at Feldberg we made a little detour to go there again, and I spent a while with the camera in the cool shade along the stream (I have some more photos which I want to present as a small set soon). This is a 10 second long exposure at a moderately wide angle, using a polarizing filter to get rid of glare on the leaves and reflections on the water. I hope you like the result!

Wilde Gutach near Hexenloch, Simonswald, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
Wilde Gutach — Hexenloch, Simonswald, Black Forest/Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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