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Prismatic Hills at Fossil Canyon

Earlier in the year, the hillsides of Fossil Canyon, barren but colorful, were enhanced with delicate splashes of green thanks to good winter rains. A solidly overcast day provided beautiful, flat, cloud-filtered light that helped to really bring out all the colors.

Fossil Canyon generally rewards exploration of side trails and tributaries, and not just because of its wildly varied geology. These photos are no exception – I made them from an old and half-eroded dirt road that leads up to an old mining site, from the days before the area was protected as a wilderness.

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10 thoughts on “Prismatic Hills at Fossil Canyon”

  1. It really is fascinating, not just the color, but the patterns. With the flat lighting they really take on the look of abstract paintings, or pastels as oneowner said.

  2. Beautiful colors and shapes, Alex. I even like the name, “Fossil Canyon.” You knew just what to do with this place, and how to bring out the best of it.


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