Quiet Meadow

An image from my Laguna Mountains gallery. “They” (whoever they are…) say that an image should work without explanations, and stand for itself. But can all images be readily understood, without knowing the artist and what drives her or him? Can an artist always be understood just by her or his artwork, alone?

A quiet Meadow along the upper part of Sunset Trail, Mount Laguna, San Diego County, California. July 2011.
A quiet Meadow along the upper part of Sunset Trail, Mount Laguna, San Diego County, California. July 2011.

And then there’s also the insecurity and doubt – is this image “strong” enough to be understood all by itself? And what if creating a “strong” image was not the intention, because the scenery isn’t “strong” – can we create “strong” images of places that we don’t see as such, and actually don’t want to show as… strong?

The Laguna Mountains area in San Diego’s back country is one such strong/not-strong place for me. There’s no vast, grand scenery in the place itself (though the expansive views into the desert are fantastic). Instead, it is filled with these intimate landscapes, the small and unspectacular scenery, and I find that so very attractive about the whole area. It’s spectacularly unspectacular. :) Peaceful, quiet, contemplative.

Now that you know how I feel about the place, can the image be understood, and is it “strong”, in that context? I hope so. I made it at dusk, the sun had already set. It’s a wonderful time to make photos because the light is nice and even. Later on, I continued to the upper part of Laguna Meadows for some night photography – that was in summer 2011. It’s crazy how time flies.

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