Rather Random ‘Round Roswell

The two main attractions that we wanted to see during our March 2019 road trip were White Sands National Monument and Carlsbad Caverns National Park. The latter, while really an extraordinary place, is pretty much “out there” and other attractions nearby weren’t what we were looking for.

Getting a good idea of Carlsbad Caverns on a self-guided tour takes a little more than half a day – which is just a little bit too long to go back west to White Sands, so we picked UFO-famous Roswell (about two hours north of Carlsbad) as a place to stay overnight, and then timed our next day so that we could spent another afternoon and evening at White Sands (we really loved that place…).

Coming from Carlsbad we arrived in Roswell in the late afternoon, checked in to our hotel and then drove out to Bottomless Lakes State Park – a place that looked and sounded interesting on the map, but its location and appeal weren’t quite living up to expectations. We actually left it for sunset, and watched as the clouds got tinted by the setting sun from a higher point nearby instead. That was nice for the moment itself. There wasn’t really anything to photograph.

On the way back to Roswell from the Bottomless Lakes area these power lines, oh cliche of cliches, stretching across the vast expanse of flat grasslands to nowhere, gently tinted by the twilight sky, were so oddly attractive that I had to stop the car and make a photo. It was the best photographic subject of the evening – the steady rhythm of the power poles, intruders in the peaceful, empty landscape, was strangely soothing (the power lines disappearing into the distance may get lost on small screen devices unfortunately).

I normally don’t mention food and restaurants but that night in Roswell, we had an absolutely fantastic dinner at Antigua Cocina – probably the best somewhat upscale Mexican food we ever had. :-)

The next morning we paid a – perhaps mandatory if you’re in Roswell – visit to the International UFO Museum (a half-silly, half-serious place that entertained us for maybe an hour) before we drove to Bitter Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. It wasn’t exactly the best time of the year to see wildlife there I guess… a few Northern Shovelers and Cinnamon Teals populated the shallow lakes and tried to avoid us pretty much as we approached. :-}

We completed the loop drive and at the last of the lakes, clouds and water combined nicely:

The skies all around were generally interesting that morning and as we were heading back west, one last oddity caught my eye before I stowed the camera away for a couple of hours:

We drove west through “Billy the Kid Country” and even went to a Wild West museum! We stopped at a pistachio farm, got some edible souvenirs for friends, ate pistachio ice cream – and then arrived back at White Sands in the late afternoon, dreamlike and very different under overcast skies and strong winds. More about that in another post.

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8 thoughts on “Rather Random ‘Round Roswell”

  1. I think I can understand the need to pull over and photograph those power lines, cliche or not. The lighting and colors are just fantastic, with that slight pastel feel to the scene, and as you said, the lines leading you deeper into the frame. I look forward to seeing your White Sands photographs. We didn’t spend nearly long enough there, it was such a fascinating and beautiful location.

    • Thanks a lot, Todd! Good to know I’m not alone. ;-) As for the White Sands photos… man, that’s a struggle. I think I’ll create separate blog posts for the three separate days we visited, because conditions were quite different each time. Then I’ll have to look at the entirety of them to see if it’s worth creating a little portfolio gallery from them all.

  2. Excellent images! Like Todd, I like the glowing colors in the sky in the power line photo, and the slight glow on the towers themselves, and subtly colored coarse grass are contribute. The composition too – it’s perfection. The horizon is delicious, maybe as delicious as your dinner? The turquoise against the steely blue is so interesting. I’m wondering why that streak of turquoise is there. The final photo seems to me to be a tribute to Roswell’s UFO history, with the lamp somehow talking to the cloud. :-) Each one shows the benefits of your careful, considered approach.

    • Haha, you’re making me smile – the food was DEFINITELY more delicious than the horizon! ;-) The turquoise streak is the actual sky – the rest is all clouds. I found it quite curious too. And maybe Roswell’s UFO history did indeed enter my subconscious when I made that last photo. Thank you very much, interesting thoughts, as always!

  3. This is strange – I just realized this was posted months ago, but it arrived in my email as a new post two days ago! Well, that’s OK with me, I hadn’t seen it. And it makes me realize there’s so much on your site that I haven’t seen. ;-)

    • Not strange – I published these a few days ago and then adjusted the date afterwards, so that the photos from our trip would be in chronological order and at the right dates. :-) Sorry for the confusion!


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