Returning to 20 Lakes Basin (3 photos)

Shuwen and I both had fond memories of 20 Lakes Basin and the beautiful and diverse scenery. We hiked the area in 2012, during our first Sierra trip, in Summer. Every afternoon we had thunderstorms then (thus, little Toni did not have fond memories of the hike;-). This year we finally returned to do the hike again. We didn’t get rained out, but it was surprisingly warm, considering the elevation and time of year.

The boat taxi that operates in Summer and takes visitors from the Saddlebag Lake Resort to the far end of Saddlebag Lake, where the actual loop hike begins, was not running anymore in late September. We hiked in and out on the western side of Saddlebag Lake, which added 3 miles round-trip to our hike. It would be possible to make this a bigger loop, by using the trail on the eastern side of the lake for either the way in or out, but we were pretty much done thanks to the elevation and the relentless sun. It was only the second day of our stay and our physical fitness was still lacking. :-P

I would’ve hoped for at least some clouds (obviously) but alas, no luck. It remained warm and sunny all day long. I only made very few landscape photos because of that, three of which are below (two are actually panoramas). Shuwen has plenty more landscape photos, she loved all the backlit little reds and yellows everywhere – she doesn’t have them online yet, please follow her blog if you want to see them!

I also made some photos of rock details and abstracts, which I’ll show in a separate post (up next).

If you interested in the hike, I’ve logged our progress with GaiaGPS and you can view and download the tracklog here: 20 Lakes Basin GPS log. (yes, we’ve been painfully slow…)

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