Returning to The Twisting Staircase

The primary motivation for the desert hike that led to the “Desert: The Sheer Variety” gallery was actually to find a more direct approach to the narrow slot canyon (that I had previously only photographed with the cellphone) and this time, with a proper camera and a tripod too… even though I knew it would be a bit of a pain to get the gear in there and operate it, of course.

With its many many climbs and meandering nature, I think “The Twisting Staircase” is a very fitting name and with plenty of new scratches on my tripod’s legs (“battle scars”, as a friend used to call wear on camera gear from using it in rough environments), I can now present a gallery of images that hopefully do it justice. They definitely satisfy me much more than the cellphone photos!

On large screens (desktop, laptop), the 2-column layout below should be good — on small screen devices like phones, tap on any of the images to open them larger in a 1-up carousel view.

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9 thoughts on “Returning to The Twisting Staircase”

  1. Nice set of photos. I like the touch of the dead twig in the bottom left corner of one of the last two. I like the contrasting stones in the bottom of the top right one. My experience is that it is not easy to find compositions that flow in the chaos of these slot canyons. You do this!

  2. So nice to see the appreciation for the hidden slot canyons of Borrego. How wide was this lens!

  3. Wonderful photographs! What an amazing place and you captured the sense of it so well – lovely soft light.


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