The Road to Jalama (4 photos)

It was time to head home from Pismo Beach on day four of our April 2016 road trip. Instead of Highway 101 we took Highway 1 – which is the older and smaller, more “local” feeling road leading south (and highly recommended if you’re not in a hurry). It merges with Highway 101 at Las Croces near Gaviota, a couple of miles west of Santa Barbara.

Parts of Highway 1 feel almost remote here, due in part probably because of Vandenberg Air Force Base, which kept development away from the coast. It’s quite a beautiful landscape with some small side roads leading towards the coast that all seemed to be interesting.

We were following driving directions however, to a point on the map that I had spotted the night before, while browsing online, and that took us to Jalama Road. I didn’t do any further research (yes, a mistake, of course) and the actual route that the navigation app wanted us to take was blocked by a gate… so we just continued driving on Jalama Road, curious what this “Jalama Beach County Park” might look like. :-)

Turns out the road really ends there – at a toll booth. Since we had the whole drive to San Diego ahead of us (including LA traffic…) we had no intention to actually stop there for more than just a couple of minutes, so we passed, and drove right out again – but took a mental note, because that’s a really, really neat looking bit of coastline there, and it’s quite remote as well.

What’s left was a stop in Santa Barbara for a late lunch, and then another one in Orange County for an early dinner, to avoid some of the traffic. So with the four photos below the story of our little road trip ends. I hope you enjoyed it! (you can browse all posts/stops/stations with the tag “April 2016 road trip“)

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