Roadside Landscapes in Bishop (4 photos)

On the way home from our Eastern Sierra trip we picked up lunch and some fresh bread in Bishop before continuing further south. As we left town, these trees along the road against the backdrop of the west-facing slopes of the White Mountains just looked too good to pass them by. However, it was not exactly the most comfortable place to make photos. Right along the road with cars and trucks and semis passing by I found it hard to tune out the noise and the potential danger, and focus on making photos. Or maybe it was just the thought that we’d still have most of the drive ahead of us.

While I like the photos something feels “off” about them, and not quite right to me. So for now they’re going to live here in this blog post and I’ll have to see how I will like them in a couple of months (note to self: implement some kind of “hold-file” organization for photos which I’m a little on the edge about). If I had one image that I was extremely happy with I’d be harder on myself and simply ditch the others, but the way it is now I can’t really pick one that stands out more. :-} (if you have a favorite let me know which your pick is in the comments, and if possible, why of course.)

This post concludes the series about our Eastern Sierra Trip in 2016. We made one more stop on the way back home in the Alabama Hills above Lone Pine, but I wrote about that already (Alabama Hills – an awesome and silly place).

Working on this series of blog posts was actually quite bothersome. I didn’t want to keep adding to my processing backlog, so I wanted to get these posts and photos out as quickly as possible. It still took me almost 7 weeks to evaluate and process the photos, and write these posts – and I realized that this is just not the way how I should work. But because I was so transfixed on working on these photos and posting them, I did little else with my photos (except for adding photos to the store, and trying some different things on various social media).

As a result, I’ve never been less productive than in the last couple of weeks. I didn’t even feel like picking up the camera and getting out to make photos when the conditions were promising – I didn’t want to add even more to my backlog! The photos from the trip were like ballast that I had to lose, and I’m so glad that I’m done with them. Now my mind is free again – and I’ll let go a big sigh of relief as I hit “Publish” on this post now.

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  1. Alex, I think you might be being a little tough on yourself. These are quite striking photos. I happen to enjoy the bottom right image the most- perhaps because it fills the frame a little more. The distance between the background mountains and the trees subject is hard to gauge. Is that why you’re not enamored of them? I actually like that – what’s that expression about what’s not seen is what makes the photograph?

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