Rock Collage

I love it when this happens: rock close-ups/abstracts spanning seven years come together in a single collage. It would be a bit of a stretch to call it “R/G/B” but the colors are distinct enough between the three photos – and they’re united by the orange in each of them.

I wonder what it is with groupings of three. The majority of my “Small Sets” are compilations of three images – it’s a sweet spot, just right.  I label them “triptych” but I know that, strictly speaking, they’re not actually triptychs – they don’t have a singular visual appearance together, so “collage” is more accurate, perhaps? Anyway…

I created a ready-made collage from these three photos, it is available as a single print in my store: Rock Collage Triptych. The individual images are also available as prints: “Quartz Wood“, “Blue Slate“, “Mask/Lion“.


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Next: October 2018? Done!

4 thoughts on “Rock Collage”

  1. If you want to make something memorable put it in threes. There’s something about threes, maybe the pattern, the rhythm, the symmetry? Many plays, movies, symphonies are in three acts/movements. Then there’s “Father, Son, Holy Ghost”, the “A,B,Cs” (not ABC, Ds), “Faith, Hope, Charity”, “Duty, Honor, Country”, etc. all have the 3 rhythm and they’re easily ingrained in our memory. When I was in IT I found it pretty easy to remember IP addresses and I think it was because of their grouping in 4 sets of 3 numbers.

    • Interesting. I found IP addresses difficult to remember – not the simple ones but when they had three digits in all four numbers. And well, now it’s IPv6 – I wonder who can remember those hexadecimal monsters… :-P


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