“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep.” (Rumi)

An image from another early morning flight with the drone. This photo was made towards the end of civil twilight, just five minutes before sunrise. Clouds all around, colored by the sun just below the horizon, tinged the entire landscape in pastel pink tones. I’m hoping for similar conditions as spring progresses and the landscape will turn greener – but that will also mean getting up earlier, a month or two from now… :P

The water level at Lake Hodges is pretty low as you can see. I doubt it will change much with the dry winter that we have (Bernardo Mountain is still looking pretty brown and dry). Ten years ago, after the very wet winter of 2010/2011, the entire bottom center part visible in the photo was water, and the lake was overflowing at the dam back then. We’re not going to see that happen again, because new dam safety requirements now mandate that the water level be kept lower.

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4 thoughts on “Rumi”

  1. Interesting that the sustained levels need to be lower. In 2007 they added capacity overflow infrastructure to pump to the east side of the 15. Perhaps that was to mitigate what happens at the dam overflow.

    • I think they’re pumping the water up to Olivenhain reservoir. The abrupt change in water level has disturbed the nesting grebes a lot in the last two years (the nests float and the sudden water level drop left the nests high and out of the reach of the parents, chicks would starve and eggs not hatch).

  2. Beautiful start to the year, Alex! It’s always fascinating how scenery like this changes as water level changes, and how you can often see evidence of the different levels it’s been. Photography like this is a great way of documenting that for the future. And I love that quote, though I struggle so much most mornings… :-)


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