San Mateo Canyon Chaparral

Here are a few more impressions from my hike to San Mateo Peak in early April. Few things are more soothing to the eye than the infinite variations of green in the chaparral in spring, accented by boulders, specks of light and shrubs in bloom.

More to come… have a good start into the week.

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6 thoughts on “San Mateo Canyon Chaparral”

  1. Yes, these combinations certainly keep the eyes occupied, the mind entertained and are pleasing. Nice group of photos. The chaparral landscape in spring is much greener than I would have thought, but then I’ve never experienced it in person and I believe most photos of it I’ve seen were later in the season.

  2. Magical landscape beautifully photographed. I LOVE the variety of greens this time of year. I was noticing it today in my own area. The rocks had me doing a triple-take.


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