Secret Canyon Morning Walk (5 photos)

Strange enough, but even after five years in San Diego, I never hiked Secret Canyon near Pine Valley. It’s an out-and-back hike (or point-to-point if you can find the overgrown trail that leads all the way to Horsethief Canyon and put a second car there), and I don’t find this type of hike as attractive as loop hikes – unless there’s the summit of a mountain with grand views at one end. :-)

But to get into the mood for the cooler season and upcoming hikes, Toni and I finally went to check it out. It’s a lovely area with beautiful plants (I especially liked the Big Sagebrush [Artemisia tridentata], and the Manzanitas of course), but there’s plenty of sneaky Poison-oak growing right next to the trail.

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5 Responses

  1. I agree about out-and-back hikes, especially those that you plunge down, down, down, and then have to climb back out of. But, that is a beautiful hike, especially in the fall.

  2. I have done the whole thing, it was fun if you enjoy head high forests of poison oak. Did you get as far as the stone plume and the freeway overpass?

    1. Yes, I went as far as the freeway overpass (just 4 miles out and back), but I didn’t notice a stone plume.

      Head high Poison-oak forests? That sounds like barrels of fun!

  3. I have done the whole thing. Combined with an unplanned night out with zero preparation. And with one of my companions having to go to the doctor afterwards because of poison oak. I hope this will finally make you to go!

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