Seen.By Charity Sales

Long exposure black & white fine art photograph of beached S. S. Point Reyes at Inverness, Tomales Bay, Marin County, California
My photo “Stranded” of the beached S. S. Point Reyes is currently featured as “Editor’s pick” on the international fine art portal at Seen.By.

I’d like to add that I’m taking part in the charity sales that benefits “Helfende Hände” (Helping Hands), a German institution that helps parents of kids with multiple disabilities. All of my images and all images on the platform that feature the blue icon in the top left corner will benefit the charity!

All proceeds that I would normally make from sales on the platform go towards Helfende Hände, and Seen.By will double that amount. You can find more information on the Seen.By site (only German, sorry – try Google Translate).

The charity sales continues until October 13th – a nice chance to decorate your home and do something good at the same time. Thanks!

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