September Activities

Hello to another monthly update, summarizing what’s been going on here on my website, around my photography, and all that. This update is primarily for the email/rss/blog subscribers to the site. If you’re following on social media, you’ve may have seen some of the activity listed below already. “May” and “some” of course “because algorithms” – you know, the things many social media sites do these days to actually keep the content from you… ;-)

Besides my hiking trip to Yosemite end of August and early September, I haven’t been very active photographically – at least not making new photos, except for one trip out to Algodones Dunes (you’ve probably seen my photo of the month “Crème” and the blog post “Life in the Dunes”).

Just like last month, I continued to add photos from the last couple of months (or years?) to my store so if you’re looking for prints of my photos, there’s almost 800 of them online there now.

Most recently, I took over administration of a very old Flickr group (created in September 2004!) named “Fog and Rain” since it was lacking a moderator and administration for many months. The photo topic/subject of fog and rain is dear to me as you probably know, and I’m trying my best in the Flickr group to keep the photo pool interesting and diverse. The changes that I’ve implemented (mostly, switching the group from open submissions to moderated/curated) have yet to be understood by the majority of the group’s members though, which is not a surprise.

On to the other updates now:

Site changes

I removed the RSS feed for the portfolio galleries. It was actually a leftover from the days when I was more frequently (excessively) creating new portfolio galleries, treating each image as a separate portfolio item – complete madness (especially considering that there are now over 2500 images on the site). When I add a new portfolio gallery now, I will announce it either as a separate blog post, or in the monthly update post. Or both. You won’t miss it. :-)

Portfolio Additions & Changes

The following portfolio galleries have newly added images:

Engelmann Oak on Slope -- Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve, Santa Ysabel, California, USA
Engelmann Oak on Slope — Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve, Santa Ysabel, CA. March 2011.
Recently added to the Arbres Monochromatique portfolio.

The project to photograph all larger chaparral plants and dedicate a portfolio gallery to each of them began to show slight ;-) tendencies to turn into overkill. I had to ask myself what I wanted to achieve – and found that a single “archive” portfolio suits the initial idea much better. All photos are in this gallery now: Chaparral Plant Portraits. The gallery has a filter bar at the top so that specific plants can easily be selected. The URLs for the existing galleries and category redirect to the new single gallery page.

Blog Archive Additions

And that’s it for September. I guess it’s been a pretty good month in terms of productivity! Stay tuned for more photos as usual, and stay up to date with my blogposts and subscribe via email. It’s easy and you’ll never receive more than one post per day.

All images and content © by Alexander S. Kunz, unless otherwise noted. No re-use without express written permission. Most images are available as prints and for commercial licensing. Please contact me if you’re interested. Prints and licensed images are NOT watermarked, of course.

Strictly non-commercial usage (ie. no monetization through ads, referral systems etc.) on private blogs and websites is allowed if proper credit and a back-link are provided in the form of “Photo by Alexander S. Kunz –“. Thanks!

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