September Summary

September is over and we had some interesting weather this month – cool nights, some mornings with thick fog, and also two days with Florida-like humidity and beautiful, almost constant monsoonal rain, thanks to remnant moisture from hurricane “Paine”. My photographic activities increased a little bit, but the truly good months for photography in Southern California are yet to come, and I’m really looking forward to this year’s desert hiking season already, as well as Spring in the back country. It’s getting close and the two days of rain made me feel it already. :-)

So what’s been going on here on the site and around my photography? Let’s jump right in…


I’ve had this page with some information and (deliberately) vague pointers about my mentoring activities up for a while now, and I’ve also had and have a couple of students, as well as guest mentoring and judging activities where feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This has been growing slowly, and I’ve gained enough confidence to more formally and “officially” announce that I’m available as a photography mentor. If you’re interested in learning more about that, please don’t hesitate to contact me and lets chat.

Infrared Archives

With the amount of infrared photos that I have online now, they were beginning to “get in the way”, in particular when browsing the archives for color photos. Since there is no way to apply a “not” filter in the filter bar, I’ve decided to not use the “color” keyword on infrared photos for now, but tag those with “false color” only, instead.

Example: in the Sea & Coast archive, you can click on the “color” button now, and the infrared photos will disappear, leaving only “normal” color photos in view. To see the infrared photos only, you’d click on “infrared” instead, and can then filter further, for either “false color” or “monochrome”.

Since black & white infrared often does not look that dramatically different from what can be achieved with a normal black & white conversion (in particular, when using an appearance that mimics the appearance of a combined red and green filter), I do not distinguish between “regular” and infrared black & whites; those photos remain organized under one and the same keyword tag for their treatment, “monochrome”.

Portfolio Additions

The following portfolios have been updated, with photos from the gallery below: Dead Trees, Chromasea (Color Seascapes),

Blog Archive Additions

Below is the list of this month’s additions to the blog post archives. Some of these photos have never been shown before, some of them were part of my monthly uploads to Picasa Web Albums (a service which is now defunct). All of them have been re-evaluated and re-processed for these blog posts. As with all of my gallery blog posts, the selection is relaxed and rather inclusive, which means I show more photos in them, instead of only one or two “favorites” or “top picks” (if there’d be any, that is;-).

These archive blog posts are shared to my social media channels, but are not pushed to email subscribers – on good days I may publish two or three of them, in addition to a regular, new blog post, and I don’t want to flood people’s inboxes. So, if you’re following my blog via email or missed them on social media (“Because. Algorithms!“), here’s the list for September:

Afternoon walk in the woods (5 photos, color, June 2008), Burghausen Castle Details (9 photos, black & white, September 2008), Blue Sky Ecological Reserve (5 photos, color, December 2010), Pine Valley Spring Impressions (4 photos, color, May 2011) Sunny Santa Ysabel Saturday (6 photos, color, May 2011), Back to Santa Ysabel East (11 photos, color, May 2011); Summer at the Santa Margarita River (8 photos, color, September 2011); Santa Margarita River in Spring (5 photos, color, March 2012); Hollenbeck Canyon: West & Above – eight color photos and five black & white photos (February 2013),

Archive Additions

Last not least, the photographs that have been added to the archives, but that do not appear in a blog post or in a portfolio gallery:

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