Sherwin Lakes Hike (5 photos)

The trailhead to Sherwin Lakes was only 10 minutes away from the studio that we had rented in Mammoth Lakes, plus it was a relatively short hike, only ~4 miles round trip. We were at the trailhead early, and boy it was cold. Well, at least to us, because we’re spoiled San Diegans, and 46F is friggin’ cold for us!

The trail soon crosses Sherwin Creek and then continues in the woods for the most part, steadily winding up the hill, switchback after switchback – we got a lot warmer pretty soon. And Toni was absolutely crazy – she doesn’t like warm temperatures that much anymore now that she’s 11 1/2 years old, so the cool temperatures of the morning were just her thing. Add plenty of chipmunks to that and you can imagine that she had a lot of fun (and was pretty pooped the next day;-).

Sherwin Lakes is a group of little ponds embedded in rocky surroundings, but at this time of the year, the water level was not that impressive of course. I initially thought that we should be able to find more than just one lake, but it turned out that the one lake we reached first is actually also the uppermost of them. The other ones lie below, and are not easily accessible. After a short break we continued a little bit on the trail, but it only led away from the lakes. I pushed a little further myself while Shuwen stayed behind, but there was no dramatic change of scenery :) that would have justified to continue.

Fall colors were somewhat limited in this area, and it was another painfully blueskied and clear day, hence photographic opportunities were somewhat limited. In hindsight, we should’ve packed a serious lunch instead of just a snack, and some more water of course, and continued all the way up to Valentine Lake. We turned back instead after briefly stopping at the upper lake again. The way down somehow seemed a lot longer than the way up. I guess the cool temperatures made our brains process the ascend slower. ;-)

Here are a few photos:

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  1. So beautiful in that area. Spent a week in Mammoth last week. Yes, the water levels are low, and the peak ice packs have all but melted already. Still very beautiful though.

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