Spring into Summer

At the end of May and into June, I’m reminded how much beauty is in our Southern California landscapes still, even as summer approaches. I’m growing increasingly fond of the hues and sights of this transition from spring into summer.

It feels more quiet now that the most vibrant greens of spring are gone, having made room for the more subtle and subdued colors of evergreen shrubs and later blooming flowers and plants. The mornings have been cool under a deep marine layer lately, and in the afternoon the sun comes out. It’s a beautiful time of the year.

Here are a few impressions from recent walks and hikes – in the Laguna Mountains, at Lake Hodges, on the Pacific Crest Trail near Ranchita, and on the Blue Sky & Lake Poway trails. I hope you like them!

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7 thoughts on “Spring into Summer”

  1. I appreciate so much that you can not only see the subtle summer beauty, but also capture it with such sensitivity. The first picture of Lupine and Jeffrey Pine is outstanding.

  2. I’m always impressed with the incredible range of hues in nature, especially in the greens and browns. And these photos are a perfect example of this. Of course, I also love some of the brighter colors scattered throughout all the greens and browns. :-) Thanks for sharing these, Alex.

  3. Indeed, it looks like a beautiful time where you live. These images seem very true-to-place – nothing is exaggerated or mystified or dramatized, it’s just the landscape as it is, and it’s lovely. The light angling across the third photo is particularly nice.


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