Stealing From The World

“A photographer never makes an actual subject; they just steal the image from the world.” (Hiroshi Sugimoto)

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15 thoughts on “Stealing From The World”

    • If a tree fell on a florist, would he make a sound? No, wait, that’s not how this saying goes, or is it? xD

      But you know what I mean. I’m one of those silly people who believe that things do exist… whether we make photos of them, or not.

      • Oh, I am pretty sure that florist would utter something or other. :-)

        Well, of course, so am I. Just being metaphysically silly. While I am not a strict follower, although mostly a realistic photographer, I do somewhat look at things as Minor White advised… photograph them for what else they are, which sort of isn’t what they are.

  1. Well, I much prefer the idea of borrowing. ;-) Even that implies possession and separation (of subject & object) which just isn’t right at all. I’m being difficult. ;-) I like the image!

    • Ohhhh, yet another level to consider — interesting! I guess neither ‘stealing’ nor ‘borrowing’ are really appropriate for the process, but that’s just a semantic detail of the quote, to me. ;)

      There’s no separation happening, but I definitely see ‘possession’ being legit: the vision of a subject and how I frame it is mine, I ‘own’ it. ;)

      • :-) We could go on all day with this…what I was getting at is more the Buddhist idea of nothing being owned, no separation. So it’s more an absolute position (philosophically) than a relative one. And obviously, we have to live in the relative world. :-)


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