Stormy La Jolla Coast

We do not exactly get rough weather here in Southern California, and days with a rough sea are especially rare. When one of the better storms of the 2013/2014 wet season came through I was out at La Jolla’s Windansea Beach because of that.

And the sea was pretty rough (again, for Southern California…) indeed. Waves slammed against the rocks and washed over them, the spray flew high and got ripped away by the wind. Now with such strong and rough movement of the water, exposure times between 1 and 2 seconds look pretty good because the water is partially blurred but not too much, which conveys the feeling of the force and movement nicely.

However, the wind was a real problem – it was so strong that it did not only cause the streets of La Jolla to be littered with palm fronds. It also made the ocean spray fly sideways, which made it necessary to wipe my ND filter clean between every single exposure. Worst of all, it also ripped at me and the camera on the tripod so much that I hardly got any photos with the desired exposure time that weren’t impaired by camera shake and blur.

When I had a couple of pictures another front of showers reached the coast, and I fled from the horizontal, wind-driven rain. :-)

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