Summer Color Quadtych

A few more summer colors in the sage scrub, from a morning walk with Toni just as the fog began to burn off, in late September. Coming to think of it, the dark appearance, cobwebs and orange tones also fit Halloween quite well, don’t they? ;)

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Bonus picture – the dry leaves of Artemisia californica (California Sagebrush – and it’s not a sage…) tinted the morning dew or rather, fog that the plant caught golden, like honey. The sun came through the fog and backlit the twigs and little drops of water just right. I had never noticed this particular tinting effect before, but when these dewdrops dry, they release the scent of the Artemisia into the air, which is truly wonderful.

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9 thoughts on “Summer Color Quadtych”

  1. The one of the spiderweb is so beautiful! I think you’ve perfectly captured the late September light – the feeling almost of relief as the harsh, flat light of summer fades.

  2. How I would love to inhale that Artemesia scent! I fantasized that clicking the link would make the scent waft through the air here. ;-) The way you processed the two spider web photos is very effective – all that darkness makes for the perfect drama. The first web is my favorite, for that light. :-)

    • Thank you, Lynn. Artemisia is really one of the best smells in chaparral and sage scrub. By now it is very very dry and doesn’t have that smell, of course – unless it is wet, and then the moisture evaporates. Perhaps spraying some water on dry twigs and then briefly microwaving them might work! :D


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