Sunrise at Jumbo Rocks (9 photos)

More photos from Joshua Tree! Our first stop was actually at Jumbo Rocks – Tracy took me to a rock formation he calls “Temple Rock” and it was gorgeous for sunrise (except that I thought my pinkies are going to fall off in 38°F/3°C…). And he knew exactly where to be for sunrise at this location to get the maximum effect because he knows this place so well. We got to see the faint first glow of dawn on the rocks, and then the bright warm light as the sun directly hit the rocks. Gorgeous!

There are many quite similar photos in the gallery below – please look at them as a little story, as we watched the progression of light. It is fascinating how the camera can see things here that we simply can not. That first faint glow of twilight on the rock comes out so incredibly nice in the photos because the camera gathers more light than we can with our own eyes. Then, as dawn progresses and the first direct light just begins to reach the rocks, those areas that were so evenly lit just moments before fall into shadows. And as more and more warm light really hits the rocks, the shadows become incredibly deep and dark.

My main grievance at this point is that Jumbo Rocks has many wonderful rock formations – but you can only pick one and photograph it at sunrise! I guess we’ll have to return for more… ;-)

And if you’re visiting Joshua Tree, I really recommend getting the Photographers Guide to Joshua Tree National Park ebook that Tracy co-authored with his friend Jeremy – there’s a lot of great tips in there. Not just about the locations, but also how to approach them, photographically.

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  1. Good stuff Alex. You’re right — there is no shortage of incredible rock formations there. You could spend every day for the rest of your life there and never run out of photographic possibilities…

  2. My favorite moment that morning was when you stopped dead in your tracks because there was this beautiful rock. And then I mentioned we were going to be 50 feet in front of it if you followed me!

    Great images Alex.

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