Sunset Cliffs: Hidden Beach Verticals

Three images from another negative tide outing to the coast – I’ve never been to this spot at the southern end of Sunset Cliffs before, and later learned that it is called “Hidden Beach”. It’s location is not quite as secret as the name would imply though – and by Sunset Cliffs standards, access is relatively easy. (Sunset Cliffs is always in some local news because people fall, get trapped by the tides, etc.)

Negative tide is always very interesting because it allows one to safely explore coastal areas that may otherwise be submerged and more difficult or even impossible to access. With Hidden Beach I have to say that a strong negative tide such as this one is not beneficial to the place, photographically. It will definitely look better when the tide is a bit higher and there’s some water action around the beautiful rock slabs that are washed smooth and covered with moss.

The other thing is of course that some clouds would also help… (sigh). Hence the focus on the cliff-side of things in these verticals. :)

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