Sunset at Cuyamaca Peak

Early in July my friend Tracy M. Schultze and I hiked to Cuyamaca Peak for sunset. We were hoping/expecting to get somewhat similar conditions like the ones Shuwen and I had when we did that hike in November 2014 (my photo of the month for November 2014) because the marine layer looked somewhat promising – but it didn’t happen.

Instead, we had plenty of haze which, as it got backlit by the setting sun, rendering the landscape to the west into a beautiful dreamy softness. The hike did not disappoint – it never does…

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3 thoughts on “Sunset at Cuyamaca Peak”

  1. It was a great hike, and especially encouraging to finally see some recovery from the Cedar Fire, 13 years later. While the marine layer was much more marginal than we had hoped, it was still a fun hike and some great images made by both of us.


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