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Sunset at Fonts Point

We finished our West Butte Borrego Mountain loop hike relatively early in the afternoon, with plenty of time to spare before sunset, so Joe and I drove out to Fonts Point, the iconic lookout above the Borrego Badlands.

Fonts Point can be easily reached by vehicle – from Highway S22, it’s only four miles of a dirt/sand road, and it was no problem to reach the point with our 2WD SUV. This “road” is actually a wash though, and depending on the weather, the coarse sand/gravel may become silty. It’s easy to miss the main “traffic lane” since the wash is fairly wide in spots. The sand may be soft and deep there, so be careful when you try to get there with a passenger car.

Our timing was perfect – we arrived just as the sun was about to set to the west, which illuminates the fascinating badlands below Fonts Point nicely as you’re standing at its rim, looking in a mostly southerly direction. Some color impressions in the gallery below:


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